Portrait Couture Boudoir:

About The Team


Regina Akhankina

Owner / Photographer

Regina have been photographing women for more than 10 years. From a go-getter young leader to the beautiful liberated lady in her wise fifties – she loves photographing the best of you at every stage of your life. She also loves vintage fashion, Maine Coon cats, and German Shepherds.

Ali Loughton

Hair and Makeup Artist

If Ali isn’t at the studio, she will be traveling around the country doing bridal makeup, or traveling around the world just for a little fun. And don’t get her started talking about queer eye...

Sergey Akhankin

Owner / Manager

Sergey is “the boring person behind the artist“. Lighting, marketing, scheduling, accounting, moving heavy stuff around - he makes this business run. He can also help you with your website if you ask :)


All of the women in my life, from my mom and my sister to my closest female friends, are nothing short of incredible, and I know you are, too. You so selflessly give and love and, sometimes, get so caught up in others, that you forget to take a minute to appreciate yourself. Well, I'm here to help you appreciate you. Boudoir is empowering: body, mind, and soul. It reminds you that even though in your everyday life you may not always feel sexy and beautiful, you are a show stopper. You are perfect, and it's time for you to see that. Boudoir is much more than photographs in lingerie. It is a journey. It's changing the way you think. It's learning to see the best in yourself. It's knowing you're flawed and realizing that's what makes you perfect. It's conquering your fears and letting it all go and believing in yourself. I am here to help you on the journey to falling in love with yourself, and probably, drop a few jaws in the process.


As a photographer, I always get the question “Why boudoir?” and the answer to that is simple really. Boudoir doesn’t just empower you, it empowers me, too. It gives me the chance to go beyond words. I could say to each of you “you’re beautiful”, but let’s be honest, nine times out of ten, you won’t believe me. I am privileged enough to get behind the lens of a camera and capture images so beautiful and so powerful that it can bring tears of joy to a woman’s eyes. I get to be a part of the process of showing, not telling, a woman how truly remarkable she is. I get to see women truly believe in their worth, their strength, and their beauty, and I gotta say, I couldn’t imagine doing anything more magical. 


So now it’s your turn. This is your chance to take a leap of faith and believe that you are worth it. You have earned this experience and you truly deserve it. Now is the perfect time to see what power and raw beauty you have hidden just underneath the surface. I cannot wait for you to see what you’re capable of.

Boudoir is an amazing experience that gives you permission to be yourself. Fun, exciting, sexy, romantic and everything else you can’t put into words. Turn off that nagging voice in your head and say hello. I would love to hear from you.