Madeleine's Fine Art Boudoir Session | Victoria BC Boudoir photographer | Portrait Couture Boudoir

Fine Art Boudoir sessions have a special place in my heart.

Each Fine Art Boudoir client is my muse. What moves you? Who inspires you? What did you dream about as a child? I like to get to know you on both a personal and artistic level. I then correlate this to classic works that inspire me...whether it is a novel I have read, a master painting, or even just an element from a fantasy. We strip you from the everyday modern reality; And, with our imagination and styling, bring you into a dreamworld of fashion, beauty and magical environments. The result is a master work of art that displays your beauty and that can be cherish for generations. 


I always loved photographing E. and I knew that we are going to have a blast at her boudoir shoot! For the Christmas-themed boudoir we used our beautiful fireplace, fur rug, and a fully-lit Christmas tree.

It was such a cozy set up and we had so much fun playing it! She also brought a lot of different lingerie sets and a gorgeous dress. I just love the variations in her outfits!

Are you interested in shooting with me? Read more about our boudoir sessions here. You can also email me to answer any questions your might have!

Portrait Session of Debbie for her 50th Birthday

Debbie came to my photo studio in Victoria for a beautiful photoshoot for her birthday.

We have started with a consultation, discussed all her wardrobe ideas and accessories and on a session day she came with a beautiful photoshoot wardrobe!

My makeup team did their magic and we have created gorgeous portraits for Debbie!

Here are some of my favourites from her shoot.

Kalina | Halloween Glamour


How I got the shot.

For this halloween we have decided to play with some props and create something mystical and deathly without getting too much into gore and blood. I did not want to create another halloween bohemian-witch shot, my goal was to create fashion edge with a mystical flair. That is why Kalina is wearing modern romper. Alexandra Loughton Makeup Artist did amazing job with makeup and hairstyling.

Some of our props came from Michaels (foam shoulder sculls, plastic crown sculls, headband base, foam orb, glue gun), skewers are from Superstore, candles are from Salvation army, and gold paint is from Home Depot. Sergey Akhankin spent couple hours making the crown using YouTube tutorial; foam sculls needed to be cut and their inside part removed to be able to position them on model's shoulders, then he used glue gun to position the candles, and then some candle wax was applied on top to make them believable.

Unfortunately candles made the shoulder sculls to heavy so they started to fall off, and we had to come up with creative solution at the set (see photo #2).

We used our hand-painted canvas backdrop; one bare bulb light was behind me pointed backwards for a fill light, another was feathered with octobox on my right side between me and the model.

As you can see, we did not risk burning model's hair by lighting the candles, so I took some photos of the burning sculls afterwards and replaced fire from them to the final image.

One of the main challenges was lighting up the orb and choosing the right colour for its glow. Keep in mind that it's supposed to illuminate model's hands and body, but not hit the backdrop.

Hope you find it helpful!